Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have posted a downloadable PDF "comic" with our "The Porter's - 2008 Year in Review" for all our friends and family.
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Dancing to Live Jazz

We went to the Waldwirtschaft Biergarten and the kids had a blast dancing to the live Jazz - along with Jeremy and Layla.

Austrian Alps in East Tirol

Yesterday we took off to East Tirol in Austria to spend the day with
Juliane's Aunt & Uncle who were there on holiday.

We drove through 2 passes - Pass Thurn (1274m / 4180ft) and the
Felbertauern Pass / Tunnel 1,650m/5,415ft ( with a 5km long tunnel) to
get there. Then up the 2200m/ high Gondola where we ate lunch with a
view of the Grossglockner 3798m (12400 ft) - the highest peak in

It was perfect weather and we had a great time!

Christopher's first birthday

We are finally getting around to updating the homepage with pictures from Christopher's first birthday party. Click on the picture or here to get there. Poor Christopher was soooo sick. He had bronchitis, the 3-day fever (which we didn't know until the next day), an eye infection and he was teething. It's a good thing he won't remember it.
Pasted Graphic

Christopher's second most favorite place...

Christopher's second most favorite place to get into trouble is behind
the door in the office. He love pulling books off the shelf and
shredding any paper that falls out. Here he is caught in the act...

Checking out Dad's trumpet

Christopher the Soldier

Christopher playing at some friends house at a thanksgiving party.

Dinner with the boys

Juliane got to go out to dinner with some friends. This is what it
felt like at dinner with the boys.

Future Christopher Yearbook Pictures?

Here is a 1964 version, and a 1994 version.

Christopher Standing

The Boys from a different perspective

At Anna Maria's Birthday Party

Christopher and Mom

Kids playing

Nicholas and Christopher with Rebecca, Timon, and Anna Maria this past

Christopher playing the Piano

Today we were at Anna Maria's birthday party, and she let Christopher play on her new piano.

Christopher is crazy for cables and electronics, too!

Christopher's Delta Frequent Flyer Card arrived!

Yes, Nicholas isn't the only one with a Skymiles Card, but he already
has twice as many miles as Christopher.
Christopher was so excited to hold the card he could keep his hands

Fun in the pool

Christopher loved being in the water, Nicholas loved playing near the
water. Nicholas spent more time in the (cold) Jacuzzi.

Fun at the Beach

Christopher loved the water from the start, and Nicholas warmed up to
it fast, although playing in the sand was definitely more fun! We
rented some bike to truck our stuff to the beach, and went just about
every day.

We went to the park today

The weather was not so great - it rained this morning, but we took
advantage of the cooler weather, and went to the park.

The Zoo again

We took advantage of Juliane's season pass, and the fact that kids
under 3 are free, and went to the zoo again. This time we spent most
of the morning watching the Monkeys, although we did make it see some
other animals, too.

Dinner on the Terrace

Its pool season again!

Christopher is getting bigger

Christopher wears the same diaper size as Nicholas now (7-14kg).
Christopher is almost 8 kg, and Nicholas is almost 14kg. (Note: that
is a stroller for dolls - not babys)

Christopher is 6 months old!

Here are some pics from our photo shooting today...

Wildpark Poing

Yesterday we went to the Wildpark Poing, where they have everything
from bears and deer, to otter, wolfs and stork. Nicholas had fun
getting Mom to help him feed animals. There were tons of families,
and there was a huge lunch area with tons of playgrounds where
Nicholas played while we ate (and tried to get him to eat).

Christopher in the airport

Christophers Dedication at the Freie Evangelische Gemeinde München Mitte


Impressions of Christopher


beauty sleep


Christopher on Video

Here is Christopher on video doing his thing...

Christopher more alert

Christopher is more alert now, and stays awake for longer periods of
time. The other day he played with some toys hanging over his bed for
over an hour.

It's me again...

Hi - this is as close as I can get...

more of Christopher

For those checking our site for Christopher pictures - here is a
recent one!

Family Pics

Juliane's Mom was here for a planned visit when Juliane went in to labor. Her dad drove down on Saturday, so we got in a few pictures.

Christopher and Juliane come home

Christopher and Juliane came home from the Hospital on Sunday!

5 Star Hospital Room (yes Hospital, not Hotel)

Well, the Hospital in Starnberg is overflowing. Either because they were renovating the second maternity ward or renting it out for someone making a movie (depends on which nurse you ask). So since Juliane was not able to get the single room she booked (only EUR 50 more per night above what the insurance pays), and was in a room with 2 others, they gave her the last room in the Residence. The Residence is a luxury, hotel-like wing built to attract patients from the middle east. The only downside, is she didn't get a hospital bed, which would have been useful after a sesection.

The room was a mess after Nicholas had been there for awhile.
Juliane's mother, Edith, arrived for a planned visit the day Christopher was born!

Christopher has arrived!

Christopher James arrived on November 13th, 2007 at 9:43 pm. He weighed 3220 g ( 7 lbs.), and was 52 cm tall (20.5 "). 
Both the Mother and Christopher are doing well! 

For more information checkout www.christopherporter.net

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