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A ride with a Steam Engine

We enjoyed a train ride around Munich behind a steam engine from 1932. We were all covered with soot from leaving the windows open.

Austrian Alps in East Tirol

Yesterday we took off to East Tirol in Austria to spend the day with
Juliane's Aunt & Uncle who were there on holiday.

We drove through 2 passes - Pass Thurn (1274m / 4180ft) and the
Felbertauern Pass / Tunnel 1,650m/5,415ft ( with a 5km long tunnel) to
get there. Then up the 2200m/ high Gondola where we ate lunch with a
view of the Grossglockner 3798m (12400 ft) - the highest peak in

It was perfect weather and we had a great time!

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Funny Pictures

Porter Family 10 years later

Here is a picture of the Porter family in 1997, and another in 2008
(ok - 11 years later).

Christopher and Mom

Kids playing

Nicholas and Christopher with Rebecca, Timon, and Anna Maria this past

Christopher playing the Piano

Today we were at Anna Maria's birthday party, and she let Christopher play on her new piano.

More pics from our recent weekend away

Here is a pic from where we stayed - from early in the morning. The
other 2 are from on top of the mountain - we took the cable car up,
and the others walked up. Una, Jan-Henning, Frank, Anja (who took the
pics), and Elke who was getting a drink.

Rikki Tikki Tembo

My mom just wrote a blog entry about Rikki Tikki Tembo: http://www.cartabella.com/index.php?id=8117997220024315269

"... I made our last year in Germany, when our three sons were still
in grade school. "Porter's Great Books". Our family's Top 20! #1 is
The Big Honey Hunt and #2 is Taylor's Bible Stories. But let's chat a
minute about book #3 on our list of family favs . . . ."

Dan |||amp; Bonnie's 40th Wedding celebration dinner

We went out to eat in Atlanta for my parent's 40th wedding
anniversary. It was at an Italian, but they had just gotten rid of the
Espresso machine (yeah right!?!?!)

Fishing in Georgia

Nicholas fishing with the cousins and Uncles Scott & Ted at the front
of Scott's subdivision. Both my line, and Scott's snapped! The kids
mostly just lost bait.

New Photo Album Page

We have a new page with links to photo albums - the first one is pictures of the kids from this summer.

We also have finally uploaded pictures from when Christopher turned 6 mos. old.

Family Picnic in Hamburg

Last weekend we were in Hamburg for a brief visit, and for Aunt
Carmen, and Uncle Ingolf's annual summer picnic. We moved it to their
back yard because of the rainy weather, but it ended up staying dry.
Afterwards we drove home 6 hours to Munich! (790 km == 490 Miles).

the Truck

So I finally got my truck back (after 7 weeks). It is now registered
in Germany, and has passed inspection. BUT, it is registered in the
name of the person I bought it from.... I still need to transfer the
registration, and hope that there will not be any more problems. It
was registered in northern Germany as a truck, but here, they might
only want to register it as a car. But if I am just transferring the
registration, they might not be so picky.

Wildpark Poing

Yesterday we went to the Wildpark Poing, where they have everything
from bears and deer, to otter, wolfs and stork. Nicholas had fun
getting Mom to help him feed animals. There were tons of families,
and there was a huge lunch area with tons of playgrounds where
Nicholas played while we ate (and tried to get him to eat).

10th wedding anniversary

We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on the last evening in

Out for a walk

Sunday we went out for a walk, and even though the sun was shining, it
was freezing!

Visit to the Zoo with Grandma

Outing with Grandma

Today we took advantage of the non-rainy weather to go to the Olympic
park with Grandma.

Christophers Dedication at the Freie Evangelische Gemeinde München Mitte


Christmas Market in Solln

on Saturday, we went to the Christkindlmarkt in Solln - a 20 min. walk
from our house and met up with Anja to listen to a childrens choir
sing, and checkout the stands.

Early Christmas Picture

Here we are after our early Christmas celebration with the Adams.
(from left to right: Nicholas, Brian, Christopher, Juliane, Meghan,
Layla, Jeremy and Matt

Juliane (|||amp; Christopher) are back home

Juliane's operation to remove her Gall Bladder went well. Here is a description from Margaret Basso since I don't know all the terms in English:

"It sounds to me like they did an endoscopy to remove stones from her common bile duct. Most probably, they will if possible remove the gallbladder doing a laproscopy, where several small "puncture wounds" are made to the abdomen. A camera is then inserted through one of these openings and the surgeon does the procedure almost like playing a video game. I have had this done and the recovery time is very quick. Previously, they made a diagonal cut across the right abdomen through all of the major muscle groups and it was major surgery with a 6-8 week recovery.  Thankfully, that is seldom necessary anymore. I'm not sure what restrictions I had regarding lifting. Babies don't weigh much."

Everything went well. She is back home and actually feeling quite well. The week in the Hospital probably helped her recover from the Sesection, as well.

Juliane's Operation is on Wednesday morning at 9

Update: Juliane's operation will be at 9 AM on Wed. morning. It
should be endoscopic (so there will not be a large cut). Maybe she can
come home this weekend.

Juliane back in for Gallstones

Juliane discovered the source of her 4 cramp attacks in early summer -
Gall Stones! That was one of the possible reasons next to just plain
old pregnancy woes. She was supposed to go get them checked a few
weeks after the birth. Friday afternoon, she started haveing extreme
pain (which chould also have been attributed to the C-Section), so
picked up some pain killers recommend by the hospital at the local
pharmacy. After a long night of pain we went to the emergency room on
Saturday morning. On Monday the removed the stones causing the pain
(they slid down into some tubes?), and are waiting for the infection
and swelling to die down, so they can remove the Gall Bladder on
Thursday. Juliane will not be home for awhile.

Nicholas having fun pressing the hospital bed buttons

Christopher is hanging in the hospital with mom. They are around the corner from the maternity ward where he was born, so the midwives check in on them. They are in a room by themselves.

Family Pics

Juliane's Mom was here for a planned visit when Juliane went in to labor. Her dad drove down on Saturday, so we got in a few pictures.

Christopher and Juliane come home

Christopher and Juliane came home from the Hospital on Sunday!

Christopher has arrived!

Christopher James arrived on November 13th, 2007 at 9:43 pm. He weighed 3220 g ( 7 lbs.), and was 52 cm tall (20.5 "). 
Both the Mother and Christopher are doing well! 

For more information checkout www.christopherporter.net

Nicholas and Oma

Here is a video of Nicholas in Hamburg with Oma

Edith and Michael's Surprise Party

As Juliane's father turned 60 last year, and her mother this year, Juliane (and her Aunt, and 2 of her Mother's friends) decided it would be cool to throw a surprise party. They did it on the weekend between the birthdays while her father was still 60, and her mother just turned 60. Ula used her connections to get us the whole restaurant for the evening even though we were a small group. Here are some pics.

Testing our new video camera

Nicholas helps me test the new video camera. First I asked him to sit on the couch. Then...

Car train to Hamburg

We took the car train to northern Germany for 10 days. It was a night train, so we boarded around 8 pm and got there in the morning. On the way back, we arrived on a Monday morning, and Brian went to work after getting home and freshening up.


Major Hail

The weather has been in the low 30's here the whole week (90's Fahrenheit!), and we have has some pretty major thunderstorms and such. Well last night we had a little hail, which is not too unusual here. But this evening, it hailed again. The hailstones where anywhere from cherry size to ping-pong-ball size!

Jeremy's Mommy is Pregnant, too

This time, Jeremy's Mom is almost 4 Months ahead of Juliane. Last time she and Juliane had the same due date! We found that out after we met the first time.

Mother's Day in the Alps

On Mother's Day, we went to the edge of the Alps. Here we are in Berchtesgarten in the Eagle's Nest. We also visited Königsee, Salzburg and Chiemsee with Cousin Dave who was visiting for the weekend on his way back to Atlanta.

Baby Number 2 on the way!

Great News, baby number two is on the way. Juliane is in the 12th week (due date will be around Thanksgiving). She has had virtually no morning sickness, and everything else seems to be going fine!

Early Christmas

We went ahead and opened a few Nicholas' gits with him so we wouldn't have to schlepp them with for Christmas.

G |||amp; G Porter

We also got to visit the rest of the Porters in Atlanta, including spending some time at G&G Porter's home in Atlanta.

Grandpa Harold turns 90!

Grandpa Harold turned 90, and his kids organized a reunion. We got to visit for a few days, and couldn't pass up this photo-op of 4 generations of Porter men!

Watching soccer during the World Cup

We took Nicholas out to the Olympia Park for a nice sunny holiday day, and ended up watch the England Soccer game with about 40,000 other people. Nicholas wore his Germany T-Shirt.


A few weeks ago I finally made it snowboarding again thanks to Matt who suggested it. Had a fun time, with no injuries..

What's this?

A photo recently shot in a restaurant...

Alexa and Tom's Standesamt "Appointment"




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