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Matt's Birhtday party at the Rattlesnake Saloon

We wore fake mustaches, and listened to Rock'n'Roll. We made a big
splash since we were a large table of obnoxious (mostly) Americans in
a room of reserved German cowboys.

At Anna Maria's Birthday Party

Kids playing

Nicholas and Christopher with Rebecca, Timon, and Anna Maria this past

Christopher playing the Piano

Today we were at Anna Maria's birthday party, and she let Christopher play on her new piano.

More pics from our recent weekend away

Here is a pic from where we stayed - from early in the morning. The
other 2 are from on top of the mountain - we took the cable car up,
and the others walked up. Una, Jan-Henning, Frank, Anja (who took the
pics), and Elke who was getting a drink.

We Rock on Guitar Hero III

Ok, we are not in to video games, but we do have a Wii, and have a
great time playing Guitar Hero III. Here we are with Matt & Meghan
after putting the kids to sleep. Nicholas still doesn't know what the
Wii is for, and has never seen the Guitars...

Early Christmas Picture

Here we are after our early Christmas celebration with the Adams.
(from left to right: Nicholas, Brian, Christopher, Juliane, Meghan,
Layla, Jeremy and Matt

Video with the other kids in the alps

Here is Nicholas with the other kids playing a German game - obviously the other kids have done it before - I don't even know what it is called.

The crew from our Hütten Weekend in Austria

Here is a picture of us with two of the other couples from the Hütten Weekend in Austria. Mike & Susi with their twins Fiona and Sophia as well as Steffen & Loreta with Jette.

The Alm Crew

Grilling with the Rothe's

Our friends, the Rothe's, that had Rebecca 3 weeks after Nicholas are expecting again - 3 weeks after our due date! We had them over for Sunday lunch (grilling in the yard). Here is Dirk with Rebecca and Nicholas.

The Adams Family is back

The Adams are back in Germany again, so we had them over for Dinner.

Jeremy's Mommy is Pregnant, too

This time, Jeremy's Mom is almost 4 Months ahead of Juliane. Last time she and Juliane had the same due date! We found that out after we met the first time.

Birthing class reunion

At the end of Feb. we had another reunion of the birthing class.

Our Mexican Fiesta

We were finally able to reschedule our Mexican Murder Mystery dinner. Don Diabolo's two body guards hat fun while we prepared for the fiesta.

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