Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have posted a downloadable PDF "comic" with our "The Porter's - 2008 Year in Review" for all our friends and family.
Please click here to view it...

Join Our Social Network

It doesn't matter wether you are already in Facebook, or have a Gmail account. You can join our social network and keep your existing account. Just press "Join" to Join us, and stay tuned for more features in the coming weeks.


We just added a moblog - a mobile phone blog where we can upload pictures directly from our cameras! Check it out - click on the "Mobile Blog" in the Menu. Check back regularly for automatic updates.

We are making the move to our final destination

Ok readers... we are moving the site to our final destination: www.the-porters.com. Let us know what you think.

Website Beta

Ok, so this is after the fact, but we are finally getting our website off the ground, and are testing it....

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