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Nicholas' first bike ride

Today I mounted the pedals on Nicholas' bike - it is one which he can use without pedals, just with his feet on the ground until he is ready. After about 10 min. he was pedaling as fast as he could down the parking lot in front of our house, and turning at the ends. Now he needs to learn to ride slow, and use his breaks gently.

Dancing to Live Jazz

We went to the Waldwirtschaft Biergarten and the kids had a blast dancing to the live Jazz - along with Jeremy and Layla.

Austrian Alps in East Tirol

Yesterday we took off to East Tirol in Austria to spend the day with
Juliane's Aunt & Uncle who were there on holiday.

We drove through 2 passes - Pass Thurn (1274m / 4180ft) and the
Felbertauern Pass / Tunnel 1,650m/5,415ft ( with a 5km long tunnel) to
get there. Then up the 2200m/ high Gondola where we ate lunch with a
view of the Grossglockner 3798m (12400 ft) - the highest peak in

It was perfect weather and we had a great time!

Nicholas drives a go cart

On vacation we decided to go to a "play center" which is mainly intended for indoor playing when the weather is bad. It was hot and humid outside which translated to worse inside the play center. Anyways, there was a go cart track for small kids, so we let Nicholas go. The other kids standing around seemed astounded that the "little guy" was allowed to drive, and that he was as good as they were.

More Silliness - Nicholas' Animal Sounds

Adams Family Silent Scream

as performed by Nicholas:

Nicholas the Handyman

Nicholas loves to help dad fix things. He didn't want to stop - we had to tighten all the chairs, and then he started making up things that were broken. (I think we got him the perfect Christmas gift - a Workbench with 100+ tools/parts)

Nicholas the repairman

Nicholas just found a new place to repair his car. In the "Cars" Tent
that has been stowed away in the basement for over a year. Here he is
during a marathon repair session.

Nicholas' first Advent Calendar

Juliane made a cool advent calendar for Nicholas filled with lots of
goodies. We'll see how much of the concept Nicholas grasps.

Nicholas decorates Christmas cookies

Juliane made some of the Porter family butter cookies for Christmas
(Great Grandma's recipe). The special red ones were done with a car
cookie cutter, and Nicholas helped decorate them.

Checking out Dad's trumpet

Nicholas Comic Life 1

Daddy's creative activity with Nicholas -> make a "collage" on the
computer. Finally he said "enough, enough Daddy!"

Dinner with the boys

Juliane got to go out to dinner with some friends. This is what it
felt like at dinner with the boys.

Funny Pictures

The Boys from a different perspective

At Anna Maria's Birthday Party

Kids playing

Nicholas and Christopher with Rebecca, Timon, and Anna Maria this past

Some old Tractors

Oldtimers in Germany are often tractors. It is very "in" to restore
old tractors. A bunch of them stopped randomly in front of our
Pension, and Nicholas took a look before they took off again.

Nicholas' first day back at school

A few weeks ago it was Nicholas' first day back at pre-school. Here
we are heading out the door early.

Nicholas checks out Juliane's Violin

Juliane pulled out her violin today to show Nicholas what it was while
reading the ABC book - "v" is for violin.

Fun in the pool

Christopher loved being in the water, Nicholas loved playing near the
water. Nicholas spent more time in the (cold) Jacuzzi.

Fun at the Beach

Christopher loved the water from the start, and Nicholas warmed up to
it fast, although playing in the sand was definitely more fun! We
rented some bike to truck our stuff to the beach, and went just about
every day.

Fishing in Georgia

Nicholas fishing with the cousins and Uncles Scott & Ted at the front
of Scott's subdivision. Both my line, and Scott's snapped! The kids
mostly just lost bait.

Nicholas enjoying some local music

We went down to the Ammersee on Sunday afternoon to get some ice
cream, and play in the park near the lake. We almost didn't make it
past the Beergarden to the park.

Teaching Nicholas how to use an ipod

We are prepping Nicholas for the long flight to the states. Here I am
testing the ipod (with max. volume control set in the settings) with
Nicholas listening to an Audio Book. We even found Riki Tiki Tembo in
the iTunes Music store.

We went to the park today

The weather was not so great - it rained this morning, but we took
advantage of the cooler weather, and went to the park.

The Zoo again

We took advantage of Juliane's season pass, and the fact that kids
under 3 are free, and went to the zoo again. This time we spent most
of the morning watching the Monkeys, although we did make it see some
other animals, too.

Nicholas on the Bouncy Slide

Nicholas was brave an went down the HUGE bouncy slide at the
Beergarden at Forsthaus Kasten. He even got a Butterfly stamp on his
hand as the entry ticket.

Dinner on the Terrace

Its pool season again!

Wildpark Poing

Yesterday we went to the Wildpark Poing, where they have everything
from bears and deer, to otter, wolfs and stork. Nicholas had fun
getting Mom to help him feed animals. There were tons of families,
and there was a huge lunch area with tons of playgrounds where
Nicholas played while we ate (and tried to get him to eat).

Posing in front of Los Gigantes


More pics from the flight to Tenerife


Visit to the Zoo with Grandma

Nicholas getting his hair cut from his personal hair dresser Meghan

Nicholas after a bath

Nicholas and Jeremy


We are finally getting some kids decorations up in the office/

Nicholas Drumming

Nicholas drumming

Jeremy and Nicholas dancing

Nicholas newest thing to do is "jump" - but only to this song. When I come home he drags me in to the office and want to jump. Here he is with Jeremy who loves to dance.

Nicholas loves his brother

Nicholas is always anxious to help with Christopher. Here he is
holding Christopher after putting the pacifier in his mouth.

Early Christmas Picture

Here we are after our early Christmas celebration with the Adams.
(from left to right: Nicholas, Brian, Christopher, Juliane, Meghan,
Layla, Jeremy and Matt

What is that gift for?

Nicholas was trying to help Jeremy figure out what to do with his
Christmas gift (a Trunki childrens suitcase on wheels).

First Christmas experiences

First Nicholas opening up a Saint Nicholaus Day gift on December 6th,
and then today showing Mom the cool Matchbox cars he got from Jeremy.

Horsing around

Here are Nicholas and Jeremy horsing around.

Nicholas Chilling

Nicholas relaxing after a bath before bedtime.

Nicholas likes to help

Nicholas is always trying to get Christopher his pacifier, or help
feed him. He always asks where the baby is if he sees both of us
without seeing Christopher. Today after lunch hed wanted to hold
Christopher and gve him a big hug for the firdt time.

Nicholas and Jeremy at the Sports Club

Nicholas has been going to "Baby Sport" at the Sport Club. The have a whole gymnasium setup with matrasses, trampolines, balls, swings, etc. just for under 4's. Nicholas and Jeremy were the only two running around and yelling. All the other kids were quietly doing their "thing". A couple of times when I wasnt paying attention, Nicholas slipped around the end of the wall into the other Gym to watch the big kids. He just stood there and watched...



Taking a bath

Here is Nicholas taking a bath. Checkout our new Nicholas TV!

Nicholas and Oma

Here is a video of Nicholas in Hamburg with Oma

Testing our new video camera

Nicholas helps me test the new video camera. First I asked him to sit on the couch. Then...

Fingerpainting with Jeremy

Nicholas and Jeremy fingerpainted last week. Nicholas finally tried after watching Jeremy.

Nicholas does all his own stunts

Here is Nicholas with his cool t-shirt which he got from the Adams. He does all his own stunts!

Nicholas almost gets his first stiches

Nicholas was messing around on the Adams' couch after getting his hair cut this past friday, and he fell against the coffee table and gashed his forehead above the eye. The doctors taped it... On saturday we were at a wedding, so his war-wound attracted allot of attention.


Nicholas talking to the camera

Nicholas talking to the camera, but not saying what daddy wants him to say!

Video of Nicholas playing with a saftey blanket

My car emergency kit expired (yes - check your date, they do expire), so we saved the bandages for home use, but gave Nicholas the vest and saftey (space?) blanket to play with.

Video with the other kids in the alps

Here is Nicholas with the other kids playing a German game - obviously the other kids have done it before - I don't even know what it is called.

Video Conference

Nicholas just got off the computer with his first Video Conference with Grandma and Grandpa where he could actually talk some. He didn't want to say good night at the end - he was having too much fun.

Jeremy comes to try out the pool

Jeremy came over this past Wednesday to play in the pool with Nicholas, they thought they were pretty cool, and had a blast.

Pool party video

Here is the video of the pool party:

Nicholas' first pool party

Nicholas had his first pool party today. Robin and Rebecca came over to play in the pool...

After the swimming the kids had fun on the hammock...

Nicholas goes to the Zoo

Last week Nicholas went to the Zoo for the first time, with some of the other kids from the birthing class.

Playing with a Christmas gift

Nicholas got a cool - play fort - for christmas from the cousins. He loves playing with it in the yard now that the weather is nice. Here is a video that is a few months old.

Nicholas' first swim in the Porter pool

Today it was 36 degreed Celcius (97 Fahrenheit!), so we finally unpacked the wading pool. Nicholas had a blast...

Fun in the Yard

Nicholas is having fun playing in the yard during all of these hot days. Yesterday it was 33 (91) degrees outside. Not too fun without an AC at home. Mom is enjoying her new lawnchair...

Nicholas' first word is "more" or "mehr"

Asside from a possible dadada or mamamam which seems to be used interchangeably, Nicholas' first word was more. He makes the sign language sign while doing it, and gets louder and louder until he gets more. While on vacation in Amsterdam he would sort of announce to the whole restaurant that he was ready for more.

Nicholas Plays Soccer

Nicholas seems a natural born soccer player....:
Video 1:

Nicholas' first Birthday

We celebrated Nicholas' first birthday with 7 other babies and their parents. Nicholas had a ball....
click here to see all the pics... (ps. we might need to add you to our contact list in flickr to see the images)

First snow

Ok, this happened awhile ago, but it snowed again, and I finally figured out how to use YoutTube.

Nicholas playing the Xylophone

Nicholas turns 11 mos. old

On Dec. 7th, Nicholas turned 11 mos. old. Here he is modeling his new sweater...

Nicholas likes to "hack away" on keyboards (the computer type)

Nicholas can spend minutes (sometimes more than 15min.) typing on a keyboard.
(second picture is at Dad's office)

Nicholas turns 10 mos. old

Ok, so we missed it by 1 day, but here he is...

Signs of a Porter man?

We finally discovered a way to keep Nicholas calmed when putting on his PJs. Is this a sign of a Porter man?

Nicholas has some friends over

Nicholas got to wear the new outfit Mommy bought him, and had 4 girls and another boy from the birthing class come to visit. The parents drank coffee and tea, and had tons of cake while the kids played.

Nicholas turns 9 mos. old

We were in Hamburg again with G&G Schmidt. When we arrived, Nicholas hopped up on all fours and started to crawl for the first time!

Nicholas turns 8 mos. old

Nicholas turned 7 mos. old in Hamburg visiting G&G Schmidt. We were there for Great Grandma Lilo's burial (ashes) at sea.

Nicholas turns 7 mos. old

Here I am at the end of a photo shoot with Mom on my 8th mos. Birthday. I was pretty tired.

Nicholas turns 6 mos. old

While we were in the States, in Portland, Nicholas turned 7 mos. old. We celebrated by going out to eat - actually Nicholas didn't have any say in the matter.

Nicholas Dedication Photos

Nicholas was dedicated in the Frei Evangelische Gemeinde München Mitte on June 4th, 2006. Check out the pictures, here...

Movies of Nicholas

Ok - the World Cup has started, and Nicholas is now moving enough to make it worthwhile to finally try making some home movies. Check them out here.

Updates to Nicholas' Pictures

So I am finally updating the website. There are more currenty pictures of Nicholas - just click on Nicholas in the Menu. We should have more updates coming soon... (Hamburg, Italy, England, and more!)

A new Starbucks customer?

Are Nicholas and Jeremy two up and coming Starbucks customers?
Jeremy 00064

Pictures from Month1 and more

Ok - we finally got around to updating the page and adding some photos from month 1. One more thing... click on the link in the right column to be informed via email if the web page changes ;-)

Nicholas Riley Porter was born

Nicholas Riley Porter was born in Starnberg (near Munich) at 9:44 on January 7th 2006. Both Nicholas and Juliane are doing fine!

Check back sometime soon for www.nicholasporter.net (thanks Scott!).

For the time being - a photo album of the first few weeks.


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