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A ride with a Steam Engine

We enjoyed a train ride around Munich behind a steam engine from 1932. We were all covered with soot from leaving the windows open.

Austrian Alps in East Tirol

Yesterday we took off to East Tirol in Austria to spend the day with
Juliane's Aunt & Uncle who were there on holiday.

We drove through 2 passes - Pass Thurn (1274m / 4180ft) and the
Felbertauern Pass / Tunnel 1,650m/5,415ft ( with a 5km long tunnel) to
get there. Then up the 2200m/ high Gondola where we ate lunch with a
view of the Grossglockner 3798m (12400 ft) - the highest peak in

It was perfect weather and we had a great time!

Nicholas drives a go cart

On vacation we decided to go to a "play center" which is mainly intended for indoor playing when the weather is bad. It was hot and humid outside which translated to worse inside the play center. Anyways, there was a go cart track for small kids, so we let Nicholas go. The other kids standing around seemed astounded that the "little guy" was allowed to drive, and that he was as good as they were.

More pics from our recent weekend away

Here is a pic from where we stayed - from early in the morning. The
other 2 are from on top of the mountain - we took the cable car up,
and the others walked up. Una, Jan-Henning, Frank, Anja (who took the
pics), and Elke who was getting a drink.

Weekend near Neuschwanstein near the alps

We woke up Saturday morning to this view of Neuschwanstein from our
Pension in Foggenhof across the way from the castle. The lake was
covered in fog until mid-morning. Then we took the Gondola up to the
top of the mountain to the left of the castle and met some friends for

Fun in the pool

Christopher loved being in the water, Nicholas loved playing near the
water. Nicholas spent more time in the (cold) Jacuzzi.

Hilton Head, South Carolina

After Atlanta, we moved on to Hilton Head, SC for a week at the beach.

Fun at the Beach

Christopher loved the water from the start, and Nicholas warmed up to
it fast, although playing in the sand was definitely more fun! We
rented some bike to truck our stuff to the beach, and went just about
every day.

Fishing in Georgia

Nicholas fishing with the cousins and Uncles Scott & Ted at the front
of Scott's subdivision. Both my line, and Scott's snapped! The kids
mostly just lost bait.

One of our Photos of Naples in the Schmap online City Guide

Our picture of the Jolly Hotel in Naples, Italy (where we have stayed), just got added to their new iPhone Guide of Naples!

Here is the link: http://www.schmap.com/?m=iphone#uid=naples&sid=all_lodging&p=54074&i=54074

They found our picture on flickr!

Family Picnic in Hamburg

Last weekend we were in Hamburg for a brief visit, and for Aunt
Carmen, and Uncle Ingolf's annual summer picnic. We moved it to their
back yard because of the rainy weather, but it ended up staying dry.
Afterwards we drove home 6 hours to Munich! (790 km == 490 Miles).

Wildpark Poing

Yesterday we went to the Wildpark Poing, where they have everything
from bears and deer, to otter, wolfs and stork. Nicholas had fun
getting Mom to help him feed animals. There were tons of families,
and there was a huge lunch area with tons of playgrounds where
Nicholas played while we ate (and tried to get him to eat).

Tenerif holiday pics album now online

For those who have been waiting for it! Here is our photo album for the vacation to Tenerif.


Jungle Park

Here are some pictures from our outing to Jungle Park in Tenerif,
where the highlight for Nicholas was a Parrot and Exotic bird show.
He was a little wary of the owls, but Christopher didn't even flinch
when they laid the Parrot in his stroller.

Posing in front of Los Gigantes


More pics from the flight to Tenerife


The view from our Terrace

This is the view from our room, looking out over the pool at the waves
from the Atlantic crashing in on the coast of Tenerife. We are in the
Roca Nivaria Gran Hotel ( http://www.adrianhoteles.com/content/view/39/66/lang,en/

). Since we booked Christopher as a 2 year old (a little more) we
got a 4th seat on the plane, and a second, adjoining room, with 2
terraces directly in front of one of the pools. The childrens Club is
just 50 meters from our room.

In the airport

Nicholas had fun pulling his own suitcase through the airport - at least for the first hour.

The crew from our Hütten Weekend in Austria

Here is a picture of us with two of the other couples from the Hütten Weekend in Austria. Mike & Susi with their twins Fiona and Sophia as well as Steffen & Loreta with Jette.

The Alm Crew

Vacation Pictures updated

We just updated our vacation pictures with pictures from Hamburg and the Ostsee, the weekend in Tirol, Austria, as well as some 2005 pics from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Enjoy (click on the travel Menu).

Car train to Hamburg

We took the car train to northern Germany for 10 days. It was a night train, so we boarded around 8 pm and got there in the morning. On the way back, we arrived on a Monday morning, and Brian went to work after getting home and freshening up.


The New 7 Wonders of the World

The results for the voting for the new 7 Wonders of the World are in, and we have been to some of them! Check them out here:

Brian was in
Chichén Itzá, Mexico in 1986, and Juliane in 1991. Brian visited the Coluseum in Rome in 1995, and we both visited Petra in Jordan in 2002 (and Brian again in 2005).


Chichén Itzá, Mexico in 1986


Chichén Itzá, Mexico in 1986


Petra, Jordan in 2005

Scotland pictures finally online!

Ok, we finally got some pictures of our Scotland vacation online. Check them out in our Travel section under Scotland 2007

Vacation in Amsterdam

We went to Amsterdam for our Wedding Anniversary this year. We were there the first week of May. Check out the pics in our travel section.

Christmas 2006 in the USA - the pictures

ok, we finally got them online for all to see. See if you can find the crazy ones.

Newest Skymiles member!

Guess who is the newest member of Delta Skymiles?
Nicholas Porter!

More adventures coming soon

Nicholas likes to fly, just like his parents. Stay tuned for some more exiting adventures.

Savannah in the Summer

Ok, so even though this post is in the Category "Travel", you can tell by the rest of the pictures that I should have had a frequent flyer card. Here we are in Savannah on a hot summers day, visiting Carl & Audrey.

"Game Day" in Germany

Friday was the World Cup opening match in Munich. 25% of the world's population watched the game! Meanwhile -> Germany has finally seemed to re-discover their national pride. Germans are very careful about not displaying too much national pride. So I was totally amazed when I drove in to town. There were people waving flags everywhere, many cars had flags on them (also from other countries). Not many people seemed to be working (although it was a friday). Basically it reminded me of game day back at college - except it was the WHOLE town of Munich (any maybe the rest of Germany, too based on what they were showing on the news). Find out how I got a German Flag on my car here....

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