Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have posted a downloadable PDF "comic" with our "The Porter's - 2008 Year in Review" for all our friends and family.
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"Game Day" in Germany

Friday was the World Cup opening match in Munich. 25% of the world's population watched the game! Meanwhile -> Germany has finally seemed to re-discover their national pride. Germans are very careful about not displaying too much national pride. So I was totally amazed when I drove in to town. There were people waving flags everywhere, many cars had flags on them (also from other countries). Not many people seemed to be working (although it was a friday). Basically it reminded me of game day back at college - except it was the WHOLE town of Munich (any maybe the rest of Germany, too based on what they were showing on the news). Find out how I got a German Flag on my car here....

Nicholas Dedication Photos

Nicholas was dedicated in the Frei Evangelische Gemeinde München Mitte on June 4th, 2006. Check out the pictures, here...

Movies of Nicholas

Ok - the World Cup has started, and Nicholas is now moving enough to make it worthwhile to finally try making some home movies. Check them out here.

Updates to Nicholas' Pictures

So I am finally updating the website. There are more currenty pictures of Nicholas - just click on Nicholas in the Menu. We should have more updates coming soon... (Hamburg, Italy, England, and more!)

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