Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have posted a downloadable PDF "comic" with our "The Porter's - 2008 Year in Review" for all our friends and family.
Please click here to view it...

More adventures coming soon

Nicholas likes to fly, just like his parents. Stay tuned for some more exiting adventures.

Nicholas likes to "hack away" on keyboards (the computer type)

Nicholas can spend minutes (sometimes more than 15min.) typing on a keyboard.
(second picture is at Dad's office)

Nicholas turns 10 mos. old

Ok, so we missed it by 1 day, but here he is...

Signs of a Porter man?

We finally discovered a way to keep Nicholas calmed when putting on his PJs. Is this a sign of a Porter man?

First snow in Munich today!

We had our first snow in Munich today! 2 Days ago it was 22 degrees, today it was 1!

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