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Juliane's Operation is on Wednesday morning at 9

Update: Juliane's operation will be at 9 AM on Wed. morning. It
should be endoscopic (so there will not be a large cut). Maybe she can
come home this weekend.

Juliane back in for Gallstones

Juliane discovered the source of her 4 cramp attacks in early summer -
Gall Stones! That was one of the possible reasons next to just plain
old pregnancy woes. She was supposed to go get them checked a few
weeks after the birth. Friday afternoon, she started haveing extreme
pain (which chould also have been attributed to the C-Section), so
picked up some pain killers recommend by the hospital at the local
pharmacy. After a long night of pain we went to the emergency room on
Saturday morning. On Monday the removed the stones causing the pain
(they slid down into some tubes?), and are waiting for the infection
and swelling to die down, so they can remove the Gall Bladder on
Thursday. Juliane will not be home for awhile.

Nicholas having fun pressing the hospital bed buttons

Christopher is hanging in the hospital with mom. They are around the corner from the maternity ward where he was born, so the midwives check in on them. They are in a room by themselves.

Family Pics

Juliane's Mom was here for a planned visit when Juliane went in to labor. Her dad drove down on Saturday, so we got in a few pictures.

Christopher and Juliane come home

Christopher and Juliane came home from the Hospital on Sunday!

5 Star Hospital Room (yes Hospital, not Hotel)

Well, the Hospital in Starnberg is overflowing. Either because they were renovating the second maternity ward or renting it out for someone making a movie (depends on which nurse you ask). So since Juliane was not able to get the single room she booked (only EUR 50 more per night above what the insurance pays), and was in a room with 2 others, they gave her the last room in the Residence. The Residence is a luxury, hotel-like wing built to attract patients from the middle east. The only downside, is she didn't get a hospital bed, which would have been useful after a sesection.

The room was a mess after Nicholas had been there for awhile.
Juliane's mother, Edith, arrived for a planned visit the day Christopher was born!

Nicholas and Jeremy at the Sports Club

Nicholas has been going to "Baby Sport" at the Sport Club. The have a whole gymnasium setup with matrasses, trampolines, balls, swings, etc. just for under 4's. Nicholas and Jeremy were the only two running around and yelling. All the other kids were quietly doing their "thing". A couple of times when I wasnt paying attention, Nicholas slipped around the end of the wall into the other Gym to watch the big kids. He just stood there and watched...



Christopher has arrived!

Christopher James arrived on November 13th, 2007 at 9:43 pm. He weighed 3220 g ( 7 lbs.), and was 52 cm tall (20.5 "). 
Both the Mother and Christopher are doing well! 

For more information checkout www.christopherporter.net

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