Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have posted a downloadable PDF "comic" with our "The Porter's - 2008 Year in Review" for all our friends and family.
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Nicholas loves his brother

Nicholas is always anxious to help with Christopher. Here he is
holding Christopher after putting the pacifier in his mouth.

Company Christmas party

Here we are in a private show kitchen with a star chef.

Christmas Market in Solln

on Saturday, we went to the Christkindlmarkt in Solln - a 20 min. walk
from our house and met up with Anja to listen to a childrens choir
sing, and checkout the stands.

It's me again...

Hi - this is as close as I can get...

more of Christopher

For those checking our site for Christopher pictures - here is a
recent one!

Nicholas' hand on Christopher's head

At the end of our recent Photo session, Will captured Nicholas with
his hand on Christopher's head.

Early Christmas Picture

Here we are after our early Christmas celebration with the Adams.
(from left to right: Nicholas, Brian, Christopher, Juliane, Meghan,
Layla, Jeremy and Matt

What is that gift for?

Nicholas was trying to help Jeremy figure out what to do with his
Christmas gift (a Trunki childrens suitcase on wheels).

First Christmas experiences

First Nicholas opening up a Saint Nicholaus Day gift on December 6th,
and then today showing Mom the cool Matchbox cars he got from Jeremy.

Horsing around

Here are Nicholas and Jeremy horsing around.

Nicholas Chilling

Nicholas relaxing after a bath before bedtime.

Nicholas likes to help

Nicholas is always trying to get Christopher his pacifier, or help
feed him. He always asks where the baby is if he sees both of us
without seeing Christopher. Today after lunch hed wanted to hold
Christopher and gve him a big hug for the firdt time.

Juliane (|||amp; Christopher) are back home

Juliane's operation to remove her Gall Bladder went well. Here is a description from Margaret Basso since I don't know all the terms in English:

"It sounds to me like they did an endoscopy to remove stones from her common bile duct. Most probably, they will if possible remove the gallbladder doing a laproscopy, where several small "puncture wounds" are made to the abdomen. A camera is then inserted through one of these openings and the surgeon does the procedure almost like playing a video game. I have had this done and the recovery time is very quick. Previously, they made a diagonal cut across the right abdomen through all of the major muscle groups and it was major surgery with a 6-8 week recovery.  Thankfully, that is seldom necessary anymore. I'm not sure what restrictions I had regarding lifting. Babies don't weigh much."

Everything went well. She is back home and actually feeling quite well. The week in the Hospital probably helped her recover from the Sesection, as well.

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