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Christopher playing the Piano

Today we were at Anna Maria's birthday party, and she let Christopher play on her new piano.

More pics from our recent weekend away

Here is a pic from where we stayed - from early in the morning. The
other 2 are from on top of the mountain - we took the cable car up,
and the others walked up. Una, Jan-Henning, Frank, Anja (who took the
pics), and Elke who was getting a drink.

Some old Tractors

Oldtimers in Germany are often tractors. It is very "in" to restore
old tractors. A bunch of them stopped randomly in front of our
Pension, and Nicholas took a look before they took off again.

Weekend near Neuschwanstein near the alps

We woke up Saturday morning to this view of Neuschwanstein from our
Pension in Foggenhof across the way from the castle. The lake was
covered in fog until mid-morning. Then we took the Gondola up to the
top of the mountain to the left of the castle and met some friends for

Christopher is crazy for cables and electronics, too!

Nicholas' first day back at school

A few weeks ago it was Nicholas' first day back at pre-school. Here
we are heading out the door early.

Christopher's Delta Frequent Flyer Card arrived!

Yes, Nicholas isn't the only one with a Skymiles Card, but he already
has twice as many miles as Christopher.
Christopher was so excited to hold the card he could keep his hands

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