Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have posted a downloadable PDF "comic" with our "The Porter's - 2008 Year in Review" for all our friends and family.
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Christopher's first birthday

We are finally getting around to updating the homepage with pictures from Christopher's first birthday party. Click on the picture or here to get there. Poor Christopher was soooo sick. He had bronchitis, the 3-day fever (which we didn't know until the next day), an eye infection and he was teething. It's a good thing he won't remember it.
Pasted Graphic

Nicholas the repairman

Nicholas just found a new place to repair his car. In the "Cars" Tent
that has been stowed away in the basement for over a year. Here he is
during a marathon repair session.

Christopher's second most favorite place...

Christopher's second most favorite place to get into trouble is behind
the door in the office. He love pulling books off the shelf and
shredding any paper that falls out. Here he is caught in the act...

Nicholas' first Advent Calendar

Juliane made a cool advent calendar for Nicholas filled with lots of
goodies. We'll see how much of the concept Nicholas grasps.

Nicholas decorates Christmas cookies

Juliane made some of the Porter family butter cookies for Christmas
(Great Grandma's recipe). The special red ones were done with a car
cookie cutter, and Nicholas helped decorate them.

Checking out Dad's trumpet

Setting up the Christmas Tree

Here is the big tree Munich has set up at Marienplatz downtown next to
the Rathaus. Juliane captured this while shopping downtown with

Christopher the Soldier

Christopher playing at some friends house at a thanksgiving party.

Nicholas Comic Life 1

Daddy's creative activity with Nicholas -> make a "collage" on the
computer. Finally he said "enough, enough Daddy!"

Dinner with the boys

Juliane got to go out to dinner with some friends. This is what it
felt like at dinner with the boys.

Its almost Christmas!

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Funny Pictures

Porter Family 10 years later

Here is a picture of the Porter family in 1997, and another in 2008
(ok - 11 years later).

Future Christopher Yearbook Pictures?

Here is a 1964 version, and a 1994 version.

Christopher Standing

The Boys from a different perspective

Matt's Birhtday party at the Rattlesnake Saloon

We wore fake mustaches, and listened to Rock'n'Roll. We made a big
splash since we were a large table of obnoxious (mostly) Americans in
a room of reserved German cowboys.

What will happen?

I am following the election, and I think that the Europeans are almost
as interested in the results as the Americans...

At Anna Maria's Birthday Party

Christopher and Mom

Kids playing

Nicholas and Christopher with Rebecca, Timon, and Anna Maria this past

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