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A Snowman

Today we finally got to make a snow man - the snow last week was not
sticky enough. Nicholas played in the back yard 3 times today! He
even played on the ground in the snow with his cars for awhile....

Bowling for Juliane's Birthday

We finally went bowling to celebrate Juliane's birthday, after having
to postpone it because we all had the flu back in January. We had fun
- it was disco night....

Portaits for Juliane

Juliane was at a first aid course last weekend, so I took the kids to
take some portraits for her.

Nicholas Shoveling Snow

Before the big snow came, Nicholas got to help Mom clear in front of
the house.

Sledding in the Park

Today we finally got to go sledding in the park near our house (there
was never enough snow this year). The Adams came and Jeremy and Layla
went sledding, too. Normal sledding was too boring for Jeremy, so by
the end he wanted to slide down the big hill, on the ice patch, on his
but, by himself. Nicholas enjoyed going fast, and being pulled there
(there was enough snow on the sidewalks). Christopher did not enjoy
walking in the snow ;-).

Christopher Posing for the Camera

The Porters ca. 1973

Bonnie, Brian and Scott with Harold & Jean Porter - at LAX on the way
to Finland ca. 1973 (or was this on the way home in 1975?)

Friday night fun

Dancing to a new Children's CD before going to bed.

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