Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have posted a downloadable PDF "comic" with our "The Porter's - 2008 Year in Review" for all our friends and family.
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The kids are having fun

There is sooo much fun things to do at the hotel ( http://www.ulrichshof.de
)! These are some of the things we have done:
- trampolines
- petted the goats, rabbits, ponies and horses
- rode cars in the lobby
- played at the large outdoor playground
- played at the indoor playground
- played in the LARGE indoor play barn
- bumper cars
- trampolines
- jumped into the hay in the barn
- 85m long INDOOR waterslide at the indoor pool
- played in the kindergarden
- danced in the saloon (kids dancing)
- rode in a Unimog (truck)
- rode on a flying fox
- controlled the digger arm

Going for an Unimog ride

Afternoon fun for the whole family - going on an Unimog ride. He got
up to 85 km downhill trough the forest on a road no wider than the
truck! The Adams went right before we did.

Heading out on Vacation

Exciting - just discoverd that a German Magazine has ranked the Hotel
we are going to ( http://www.ulrichshof.de ) the top Family hotel in
Europe! Even the Lobby has stuff for kids (30 red cars to ride on
according to their website). And, to top it off, I also just read
that the German Magazine "Feinschmecker" (a Culinary Magazine), has
also ranked them in the top 50 for Hotels "where you can feel good
at" (for lack of a better translation).

Visit to the Fire Station

The local volunteer Fire Department in Pullach where Nicholas' pre
school is was having a Fest to celebrate their new Fire Engine. In
Germany almost every village has a volunteer Fire Department, and it
is a prestigious club to belong to. The kids got to climb in and on
all the trucks. We even stayed for lunch.

Fun in the Hammock

More Nicholas Soccer Man

A bike ride to the playground

We took a quick ride to the closest park to our house before dinner so
Nicholas could ride his bike again. He got it for his birthday, but
this was the first week he really was able to try it out.

Nicholas's BMW next to a larger one

Now that Nicholas has a BMW Bike he keeps noticing BMW logos... he
wanted me to take a picture of him next to our neighbor's.

Easter morning at the Porter's

Easter morning we had an Easter Egg hunt before we went to church. I
think Christopher just had fun being in the yard, but Nicholas found
all the eggs.

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