Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We have posted a downloadable PDF "comic" with our "The Porter's - 2008 Year in Review" for all our friends and family.
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Nicholas on some rides at the Oktoberfest

Nicholas was proud he got to fly in the police helicopter, but a bit
scared from the crazy bumper cars. Not at all the like the one on
vacation or at the zoo which were explicitly for small kids.

Nicholas' Pirates from Kindergarden

Christopher's first craft project at pre-school

Riding the U-Bahn

Oktoberfest started yesterday so we rode the U-Bahn in to town for
church today. Nicholas has been pestering us for monthes now as to
when we finally get to ride the subway to church again. Well the 5th
season has arrived in Munich.

Christopher's first pre-school day

Nicholas taking Christopher to his first day at Nicholas' old pre-
school. Christopher did great and wanted to go back the next school
day (he is starting with 3 mornings a week). They put out the special
welcome mat for the kids.

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