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Nicholas' first bike ride

Today I mounted the pedals on Nicholas' bike - it is one which he can use without pedals, just with his feet on the ground until he is ready. After about 10 min. he was pedaling as fast as he could down the parking lot in front of our house, and turning at the ends. Now he needs to learn to ride slow, and use his breaks gently.

The Steam Train Ride





We got to ride around Munich for 1 hour in a steam engine from 1932.  It belongs to a train club from near Munich, and they also restored 5 of the original train cars. Ours even had a wood stove in it.  The kids had a blast and we got covered in soot.


The Boy's Rooms

One of the first things we did with the boys in the new house after the move, was to decorate their rooms with the wall tattoos we bought.  Here is a picture of Christopher in Nicholas' room (cars & trucks), and Nicholas in Christopher's room (animals).

Note: Nicholas saved his Ikea "Smalland" Name Tag and put the yellow sticker on his blue chair by the window.  He wanted to leave it on his shirt for days.



A ride with a Steam Engine

We enjoyed a train ride around Munich behind a steam engine from 1932. We were all covered with soot from leaving the windows open.

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